Monday, May 16, 2011

More mistakes

What kind of blogger am I?  I freely exhibit my goofs.
Here's another one:
The Sojouner Cardigan (purple), previously many inches, but it was too big.  Starting over again, but it doesn't seem so important now that it's almost summer.
The Pink tunic I started.  I didn't like the size of that either, so I ripped it out, and decided to knit something else.  Not a tunic any longer.
AND a YO lacy top in denim.  I was hoping this would be for myself, but when I took it off the needles, I discovered that the front alone is 4 inches wider than it should be.  WHEW!  I'm not THAT big!!  So it will soon be history.  Yes, my goofs are all "gauge" related.  Somehow, even with the swatch, the sizing of the patterns aren't accurate.  I'm OK.  I like to knit. Again and again and again and again and again... 


  1. 4 inches too big in the front alone? Whew! Time to rip for sure.


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