Saturday, May 28, 2011

Geezers and Wind

I guess they kinda go together!
Very windy afternoon for Riverfest.  Something for everyone, but I went to listen to the Trumpet Geezers.  My 'geezer' is the leader and since there was only "some" wind which kept us from cooking in the high 80's, it was a relaxing afternoon for me.
Activities for everyone of all ages.
It was highly improbable that I could snap a shot without by-standers...

 The River Walk was busy.
 And the Geezers select another tune.

The Bridge
 The Geezermeister:
 The Geezer-fiefs:
 The Honorary Geezerette:


  1. Looks like fun! So that is what sunshine looks like! Lots of rain and flooding in Vermont.


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