Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what I hear at night

I wonder how many people go out at night, away from noise, traffic, lights?
I hear a dog barking loudly from the street over. Other direction, geese talking to each other. Gas pumpjack thumping, distant traffic. A lone bird calling.  A background of peepers along the river.
Full moon.


  1. Confession: that was a few nights ago. Last night it was raining part of our 7 inches per year. (no moon)

  2. and at my house I hear my 'choir'--all the migrating waterfowl and gulls that hang out on the lake. Wonderful!

  3. When we were dating, my husband lived in an apartment right along the river. We listened to all sorts of wonderful nature sounds during those years (though, city boy that he is, the first time he heard a bullfrog was quite the frightening experience). Where we live now...trains, sirens...barking dogs...city sounds.


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