Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer anticipation

Trying to finish taxes, play for a school program, sort out banking (like I have to do every year--grrrr), carry on with church commitments (it's my JOB!), and yet I feel compelled to plan my summer jaunt to Norway.  Poor me, you say!  I know... it only requires I get a replacement at church, tickets, and a place to stay.  Or so I thought...  Two years ago, I had my own place to stay, since my daughter and family have a VERY small apartment.
Hotel to the left, apartment to the right.

 It's beautifully centrally located, a visitor's dream!  Steps from everything:  Shopping/yarn shops, groceries, bus, train, harbor, sights, museum, library, parks, concerts, well, you get it, all within walking distance.  I really enjoy it there.  Last year I stayed with them, however, this summer, with a two year old, I didn't invite myself, but instead, I booked the 'cheapest' of hotels I could find within a few blocks.  It would mean I'd have my 'stuff' (i.e. yarn/projects) somewhere else, and I would leave them every night to party with the rowdy summer crowd that inhabits cheap hotels in summer Norway.
An odd sculpture for music festival

It's a Sun thing...
The nights get a bit dusky, but not dark, and students and young adults stay up.  They drink, and shout, and sing and smoke...every night (not just weekends). Amazing, yes, as an older woman, I just shake my head.  I probably wouldn't get so much sleep, but we'd all be happy.  When I announced my plans, it was immediately vetoed.  They would rather have me spend my money on their groceries, which I would do anyway! LOL
Beaded Dale of Norway mittens

At the moment, I'm hesitant to cancel my reservations.  Maybe I'll try the first week with them, and keep the reservations in case.
Note:  Norway is in no way 'cheap' for tourists or accommodations in general.  $75 will get you a single room with shared bath.  I reserved a double with shared bath for $100. Luxury!!
Concert in the cathedral

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  1. I remember the first time my husband took me to meet his family - his mother booked a hotel room for us so we could have privacy! Love the beaded mittens. :-)


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