Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeping Busy

Last Thursday, I found myself a "symphony" widow... hubs is out rehearsing for the weekend concerts. Carmina Burana, which I sang in the 70's with the Norwegian Symphony Chorus, is a favorite.  Haunting melodies, that once you hear them a few times, become so distinctive and unforgettable.  It will be hard to sit and listen.  Hubs has been playing motifs that I sing along to while in the next room.
That day neither of us picked up bread for sandwiches so foccacia made a return.  This time I made a half recipe and used the same pan.  Results:  Yummy!  Flatter, and did I say yummy?
 I warmed a piece in the toaster and drizzled--honey! Oh, my!


  1. I have finally gotten out of my pregnancy fuzz brain and into breastfeeding fuzz brain, but this brain remembered the following things old one has forgotten:

    1. Biggest hugs and happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a fantastic day. April is a busy birthday month in out neck of the woods :)

    2. Prize suprise package came in the mail, thank you so much, I got extremely sentimental with the NZ kitchen cloth, cannot wait to skip the next Norwegian winter on the sandy beaches!

    Biggest Hugs

  2. What is it with Carmina Burana? EVERYONE has been doing this piece for the past year or so. I sang it a little over a year ago - HATED learning it, as did most of my choir compadres (I gently referred to it as "CFB") - but it was a blast to perform with two pianos and a percussion section. I can't say it was a favorite, but it is memorable.


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