Monday, April 4, 2011

FO Shawl

Wow!  Just when I thought it would take forever, I started decreasing.  And suddenly, it's done!
Lovely, Europa Crescent Shawl.

Blankity blank nupps, teeny stitches, 100's of them... Cast on 643 stitches on August 15, and 7-1/2 months later I'm binding off.  All of the tbl (through back loop) stuff and purling 3 at a time, are a distant memory now. I used almost a 1/2 mile of yarn, and the knitting accompanied me across the Pacific and back.  What an adventure!
I'm REALLY happy it's finished.  And the first day I tried to wear it, the temps were in the 70's and everyone thought I was mad...  Well, we'll get a few days this week in the lower 60's, so maybe it will feel good after all.

Pattern:  Europa by Kieran Foley from knit/lab;  Yarn: Cat Mountain (CO), Merino Lace weight 2 ply, 880/100 g purchased at the Pagosa Springs Wool Festival in 2009.  It's light as a feather!


  1. Yikes! A half mile of yarn???? It is absolutely beautiful and, miles or no miles, I just added it to my queue.

  2. it's lovely, and perfect in length!!

  3. Wow! Congratulations! It's lovely.

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. I especially like the travelling road of open stitches.


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