Thursday, April 28, 2011

Consumer Testing

Yep.  I'm going for the carpet that is so stain resistant that they test it in a rhino pen at a zoo.  Albeit for 2 weeks, and I haven't seen the actual clean up, it's going in our home.
Smart Strand by Dupont
We certainly aren't rhinos, but how will it stand up to a 16 year old dog, and two cats who love to show off their live mice and birds?  Time will tell.  If someone reads this in the future and wants an update, just make a comment.
Eight years of ... covering a part of the carpet with a mat (that goes under my office chair).
 Eight years and five years:  Water damage forced us to replace some of the carpet.  Here's where the two meet.
To get the full effect, I hope you clicked on the pictures!
Because here's what we had to do to make it possible:  Empty whole rooms into the living room.
(Looks like "Hoarders", doesn't it?)
And here's the before and after pictures:
It's such a shame to put furniture on it...

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