Friday, April 22, 2011

Chat Back

Time for a chat back even though I didn't get any direct questions.  Here are some comments I will comment on from the past week:
 pattie in Geneseo on Finished Skew on 4/13/11  Love your Skews! Mine are ~15 rounds from the heel shaping, so I've made a little progress. I have been doing other stuff-other socks and a pretty scarf.
I was supposed to do the Skew Socks as a KAL for April, but I got a little zealous and down-right scared that if I put them down I would spend too much time figuring out where to start again.  I also have a tendency to “think I know” where I am, then have to rip back.  My solution:  Just keep going!  It’s called non-multi-tasking...
Living with Bugs on Keeping Busy on 4/18/11   I have finally gotten out of my pregnancy fuzz brain and into breastfeeding fuzz brain, but this brain remembered the following things old one has forgotten: 1. Biggest hugs and happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a fantastic day. April is a busy birthday month in out neck of the woods :) 2. Prize surprise package came in the mail, thank you so much, I got extremely sentimental with the NZ kitchen cloth, cannot wait to skip the next Norwegian winter on the sandy beaches! Biggest Hugs :)
Congratulations, Marija, on birth of little man!  One more birth in April.  Yippee!!  I want to thank everyone reading my blog. You are very welcome.
 pattie in Geneseo on Disappointed on 4/20/11  New purchase or old mistake? it is even worse when it is a handpaint and they ARE the same dyelot and it shows that one is lighter or has more of a contrast color... I couldn't see it in the pictures.
 Laurie on Disappointed on 4/20/11  Just don't stand really still when you're wearing it and no one will notice. ;-)
About knitting with two dye lots (unintentionally):  I bought the skeins as the LYS was going out of business.  It was 2 years ago, and don’t remember if I noticed at the time.  Whichever, it’s definitely my fault!  And I’ll keep moving!  Thanks for the tip, Laurie!!

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  1. LOL! I learned this tip from one of my knitting group gals who did major surgery on a perfectly awesome sweater because one skein of yarn made a "blue blob" on her middle. Honest to gosh, I NEVER would have seen that blue blob (it really was a VERY minor color variation) if she hadn't put on the sweater, stuck her tummy out and pointed at it with both hands. We all told her that in the course of normal wearing, no would notice this small variation. She didn't believe us...performed major surgery on her sweater and then was happy that it was now "blobless", though really we couldn't tell the difference. LOL! Wear it and go dancing - that's my recommendation!


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