Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too soon

So I posted pictures of the crazy hat, and then was convinced it needed more.  My daughter started the chant:  POM POMS POM POMS POM POMS...
So I tried my hand, and I must say, she was right!
What I thought was a cute hat is now the cutest ever!!

Can't see the pompoms in the top photo?  Because there were none...  Just added;  now we need all new photos.

By the way:  Don't forget to vote in the contest.  I've decided (er, maybe it's my daughter, looking at my stash, decided) I should include a skein or two of unnamed yarn with all prizes.  Hmmm.  You know you might get lucky!  Check out my stash at Ravelry.  Wish list prizes are accepted.  Deadline is ... extended to Sunday, midnight.


  1. Such an adorable hat and child.

  2. Oh yeah...I was thinking tassels, but the pompoms are perfect. Adorable!


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