Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday: What's on Needles?

This is the baby bonnet I love to knit because I know it works so well on children.  This one is destined to Western New York, where there's still plenty of winter left.  It's for my cousin's one-year old.
Pattern:  Garnstudio Ravelry Link and Pattern Link.

Bonnet and Model
Next, the never-ending Europa Shawl (Crescent version) which has been across the Pacific twice. Ready to start Chart D.  Charts A, B, and C are completed, and it's nothing but decreases now!
Plus, many more that are waiting patiently in the time-out drawer.

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  1. That shawl is beautiful!!

    I just finished my second baby hat and delivered it. Since I was running out of red yarn, I did the last inch of the bottom in a charcoal, then an inch of ribbing around the face in the same yarn. It got rid of that "visor" that the blue one had, and made the kids very happy - Scarlet and Gray, since they both went to school at Ohio State. :-)


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