Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warm Yet?

News from Tuesday:  I know. It's February, isn't it, and I'll be back in the chill in a week. Meanwhile I'm floating along heading to the southernmost clime of this excursion: Barbados.
Yesterday started out rather poorly with a near blind hubby. As he removed his glasses the night before they broke in half. (His twistable unbreakable frames--this is the second time. ) and with only his prescription goggles to fall back on. .. Only Robert DiNero could pull that off. We spent some time tracking down duct tape and rubber bands to keep them on his face only to have them fall onto his breakfast plate at a table of strangers. We are a constant source of entertainment. The rest of the family avoided us like the plague until we got misguided information about the location of an optical shop. We were on St.Thomas and after an unnecessary trip to town found (within walking distance of the pier) a great place with frames that fit his lenses. That we managed to get away under $150 and to the beach by noon was a miracle.
So there you have it: day one of cruise two!
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  1. Jody, the ever anal traveller, always has a pair of extra (old presecription) glasses for just such an occassion.

  2. Poor hubby, living out my worst nightmare of broken glasses...


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