Friday, February 18, 2011

Carnival Luxury!

Although Carnival does not have a reputation for luxury travel, our cabin was, by far, the most luxurious.  How can that be, without a balcony?  I don't know, but it was.  It was much larger than any other cabin, with or without a balcony.  And wide!
Can you see hubby sitting next to the window? The window was huge, we felt like we could dance there.  It was a comfortable size for a hotel room.
The week before we were in a very cramped room, where one person would run into herself let alone 2 or 4 visitors.  There was about 24 inches of clearance between bed and cabinets, the modern sink (10"x12" oval) was in the room, and the "modern sitting area" was a couch that was curved convex-ly so that sitting on it with three people meant they were all facing away from each other.  Impossible to stretch out on, too.  (The Carnival sofa to the right in the picture above was way longer than me...)  And (my last rant) the "unique bathroom treatment" meant that to get in and out of the room you walked between the shower and toilet.  I wasn't impressed... And I worried for people who are bigger than me...I don't think they could use their facilities...Where did they shower?

Epic (NCL) Balcony ;  Wake up to gorgeous views from the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to your private balcony. All staterooms feature a completely unique bathroom treatment where every area is separate, including the shower and a modern vanity sink. Additionally, the walls are curved, helping to create a modern and chic living experience. There are also two lower beds and a sitting area in these staterooms with room for up to three guests.  Approx. Size: 216 (including balcony) sq. ft.
Here's the floor plan. It's an interesting shape.
And pictures in both directions:

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