Monday, February 28, 2011

Breaking Barriers

So much to say yesterday:
The barriers?  Lee has joined our group.  A fellow upstate New Yorker, he is also a fellow knitter, organist and dares to bring... needle point! to knit nite.  What's up with that???  Somehow he created a "tradition" and now every wedding expects something.  Here's his version of a grand piano, in Berlin design.
 Jee hosted this time.  Wine, teas, and Girl Scout cookies!  Her two stemmed orchid was a major attraction. And of course, the beginnings of a sock.
Thanks for having us!  And thanks for the loan of her camera, and 3 battery packs... Knitters are such a power drain!
 Ms's Loo and Koo are examining the art of slippers, W&T, M1, and the use of language to further encourage knitting habits. (There was some discussion about appropriate language used for dropped stitches and the purchase of pipe organs.)
 Unfortunately, I had such a difficult time getting the lighting right for Soo's baby sweater, that I forgot to get Soo in the picture.  Sorry.  She's our good will Maltese ambassador.  Getting a second front to match the first?  Some teeth gnashing, and correct needle size accompanied the process, but all ended well.  Love those colors - subtle, muted, baby soft.
See you all soon!

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  1. We have not one, but TWO fellas in our group. One is an avid crocheter, the other a mad knitter and spinner. I'm going to take spinning lessons from him soon.


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