Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, Old Methods

I'm a modern cook!  I often take the easy way when it comes to cooking.  But the Norwegians helped me out with this.  A box of dried lefsa:

 Yes, I'm taking a dried cracker and running tap water over it.
All wrapped up to swell;  ready to eat in 20 minutes!
I made treats:  Buttered, sugared, and cinnamon'd.  There were none left after the party!


  1. What the heck? I've never heard of these. It sounds easy and tasty. The perfect combo.

  2. Do you give lefsa lessons? I grew up with this stuff by way of my 2 Norwegian aunties. But no one ever taught me how to make it. I LOVE it warm with butter and sugar...wowza.


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