Sunday, January 9, 2011

ANOTHER Anniversary!

Today is our Anniversary.  Forty years ago, on a bright sunny Western New York afternoon, we gathered many brave friends and relatives to celebrate the beginning of our marriage.  Yes, it was lovely, many people said, although I'm sure the talk we didn't hear included, "Who's Kahlil Gibran?"  The program/bulletin was hand typed with a few Peace symbols drawn in for good measure.  Afterall, Mick was a West Point Hell Cat at the time!
As self-professed hippies we insisted on a responsive reading from The Prophet, and a modern version of The Lord's Prayer which is seldom used today. (Pushing the envelope, our Pastor was afraid to say no!)
Knitter and long time friend, P, has constantly reminded me of the pain and suffering I put her through that day. Has there ever been an acceptable bridesmaid dress?  And Mick admits that's the last time we danced! (Ahem...)

 We went... on our honeymoon:
A. Florida
B. Vermont
C. Niagara Falls
D. Norway
Mick says, "What's with the mustache?"

Our daughter sent us something to commemorate the day:

Another souvenir that I won't be able to part with!  I'm sure she intends these to be expendable but she'll find these in a closet some day!! :-)
Thanks, everyone, for your friendship through the years! We couldn't have done it without you!!


  1. Congratulations on 40 years. Love the old pictures.

  2. Did you catch that the candy is red for your ruby anniversary?

  3. You look beautiful. And Mick has a mustache. Forty years is an incredible accomplishment.

  4. Congratulations. Long marriages are an inspiration.

  5. Happy anniversary...a real accomplishment. And how do these years go by so -fast-????


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