Friday, July 2, 2010

Travel: It's over-rated!!

Just kidding... I have to say that MOST of my travels (aka airline travel) are seamless.  There's the occasional delay of an hour or less, however, it all caught up with me earlier this week.
Alicante:  Spain was fantastic!  No problem with car rental return and return trip was eventful only in that I had a sliver in my finger.  It started the day before, geocaching in a terrain that wasn't very geocacher-friendly.  I drove home from the cache area with my index finger in the air, tried to operate it out with needle and tweezers with no luck.  Just made it more angry, and sitting on the runway, waiting for take-off, finger throbbing, I gave it a squeeze and it popped out!  A sorry thing to blog about but very satisfying and worth the picture (sympathy please).
On the other end of the 3-1/2 hour flight, S was waiting!  With dinner and the beautifully set table on her patio, we were able to sit, relax, and catch up while outside!  That was a special day since not every day you can sit outside.
Her chef son possibly inspired our first course, or she inspired him!

 To the good life:  (the next morning it was raining, and air travel caught up to me)

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  1. I'd risk a splinter for that gorgeous patio and meal. :-)


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