Saturday, July 3, 2010

Travel continued and continued and ....

It caught up to me on Wednesday!
Out in plenty of time, taking the underground to the train station, express train to the airport, short line at check in, however, the couple checking in at the same time became (almost) kin by 24 hours later!

Upon boarding the plane I discovered the same couple (one of them) sitting in my assigned seat.  We calmly pulled out boarding passes to find that, indeed, they were identical!  I really didn't think that could happen...however, two attendants pushing the print button at the same time (?) must have done something.  After everyone was seated I was given another seat, and it wasn't in first class.  Awwww.   An hour and a half later we de-planed.  Through the next several hours, we were updated, there was a part needed, the part hadn't been located yet, no foreseeable departure time.  I purchased 60 minutes of internet to use alarming my friends that I was being informed of nothing certain.  In the end we took off 7 hours late, took a night in Newark, and purchased a few items on vouchers:
My breakfast
The Baked! Lay's was an effort to appease the vendor who insisted I more to use up my $12 voucher.

I arrived more than 15 hours late in Rochester, with yarn friend, P, waiting.
Pros:  Knitting time
Accomplished in Newark Airport (above and below)
At the point of having to use a needle (which is packed in checked luggage), I started experimenting with a swatch!  Yes, really desperate knitting time after traveling for 30+ hours.
And how does nature make straight lines? (Over WNY)

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  1. Love the knitting! Hope your return trip is better.


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