Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still More Yarn in Maine!

After a good night's rest, with temperatures rising (heat wave in... Maine!! Who knew?) we primed ourselves for visiting 3 yarn shops in Portland.  Sonia, the car navigator, had us driving here and there, and sent us around in circles. Even when we could see the place we would hear: "Turn left in 200 feet."  ???  But nothing could deter us.  I admired P's handiwork (she wove these baskets for an exact fit under a window seat) and off we went in the yarn-mobile.

Day Four:Our first stop was Central Yarn in Central Portland.  An amazing button collection that covered a huge chunk of wall, and I sat on my camera! No, I didn't destroy it, just got carried away with looking with my eyes and feeling with my fingers.
Then, Sonia, sent us around and around the block until we tired of that.  On our own, we found Tess' but alas, no one was home. And no one answered the phone number on the door, so we continued on to KnitWit Yarn Shop.  We felt right at home, being Knit Wits ourselves.  This is where I found the lovely yarn jars!

And their own spun merino (without tags) which I found too yummy to resist.

I found that two yarn shops a day is my limit!  Especially since we would be traveling another (I say, ANOTHER) 2 days.

Day Five:
On the road again, heading west and home.  I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... I've been away from my bed at home for 47 nights, so I was ready to move along.
We took some beautiful, undivided highways straight west into New Hampshire, carving a path to PatternWorks.  Beautiful New England setting, on a lake, with other craft stores in the same complex, white painted clap-board... sunny (hot) day and their "side-walk" sale made it a bit difficult to even enter the store!  Great bargains outside, and beautiful yarns, models and kits inside.  
I came away with the kit for Cable Tote in Purple.  Three interesting yarns are in the mix.
We asked for a recommendation of a place to eat and were sent around the corner to a lakeside restaurant called Canoe.  Still not too far from the coast, I treated myself to (another) Lobster Roll and Sweet Potato Fries. Yum!
P's tuna wasn't too shabby either!  Those are two long broccolini spears tempura'ed.  Rural New Hampshire!  I'll go back!!!

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