Friday, July 30, 2010


In random order, with no specific order:

Mr. Foster needs a new set of clothes.
This is probably the most urgent.  Mr. F (stuffed monkey) has NO clothes.  This is the "scrubs" top and pants to follow. What you see are the sleeves (cuffs) at R top, and body in the middle.  All to be knitted together at the armpit. It would be nice if he had some clothes for his camping trip in Yellowstone.

Sock to finish.
The socks that have been on the yarn crawl, to Maine and back.  There's another one somewhere...

Pullover in fair isle (for toddler)

How impressive is this!?  I just wanted to feel the wool... and use my yarn jar... Really, it won't be needed for a year and a half.

New long-legged overalls (for toddler)
I stopped working on this because of the same reason as the fair isle pullover... I might some back to this for the feel... Heavenly!  

Dang, that mitten.
Started ages ago (look for it on Ravelry for date) and I love the pattern, and it wouldn't take any time at all to finish that thumb and 2nd mitten, but... other duties call!

Fancy cotton dress (for toddler)
This is the most challenging part of the dress.  Haven't decided if it will have sleeves, or short sleeves or as in pattern.  How 'bout those pretzel containers!  Perfect, except I can't remove the label.  Adds to the ambience around here.

Cotton top (for toddler)
The dreaded start-over winner.  I'm sticking to it (from time to time).

And last but... maybe least:
Tote Bag
What?  You can't see anything?  Maybe, MAYBE, if you click on the picture you'll see a bit of cable/crossover with two very dark colors.  Totes/bags hold the least amount of interest.  Not when I'm starting them, or purchasing kits, or patterns... I just don't stick to it.  I don't see the rush.  But it will be lovely, someday.

Knit NIght tonight!!  More pics tomorrow!

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  1. I'm trying to recover from a bout of late-spring startitis, but it's running up against holiday knitting (which I try to have finished by Halloween) and first grandchild knitting which is to begin around Labor Day. I am doomed... ;-)


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