Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Keeping busy:
After my shocking discovery of so many items that I WISH were finished, I decided to get to it.
Here's something that is a cooperative project started over a year ago.

Celina found the material, Grandma Aud (June 2009) cut out the pieces, and Grandma Julia (me, July 2010) finally sewed it together.  It should be perfect for a one-year old on vacation on the West Coast.
And I realize I only have a few days to get some clothes made for Mr. Foster:
Sock yarn, size 2 needles... quite an improvement from the last blog entry. Easy knitting while catching up on "Days".  Being away for 2 months, I missed... nothing!  I've been watching 2 episodes a day, having missed totally May 22 to July 12. And lucky me, nothing happened.  Starting with July 13 I watched every third episode online.  An hour program turns into 39 minutes of knitting time!
 Hopefully I'll get pants made too, and take a picture of Mr. Foster modeling next week.  I'll be without internet most of next week.  (I'm just saying!)
I promised a report from Knit Nite, but I forgot to take my camera.  K displayed her beautiful hubby sweater.  It's gorgeous, fits him, and I bet he'll wear it come November!  Mary got her socks back on track for the ?th time.  P is knitting a blanket/rug with plastic bits in it... and I borrowed another cable needle to work on my Toddler Top.  
I must have a thing about cables... seems like every project (except the above) has a cable needle needed.  I like cables... :-)  Count 'em in the previous blog!


  1. I like cables, too, though lately, I've been obsessed with lace.

  2. You must have the best-dressed granddaughter in the Western hemisphere.


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