Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm feeling pretty unlucky lately. Things seem fine then suddenly I feel like I'm playing catch up. Remember a few weeks ago when I thought I had the worst possible day of travel?  Well today is in contention for a new worst.
Maybe I admired my lovely set of three flights with one hour lay overs and the spirit of airlines future thought I could do better.
P left me at the airport this morning at 6 AM and I sailed onto the flight without a hitch. We sat and waited while our flight was re routed because of t-storms. No matter we arrived on time. Then the next flight became a repeat of two weeks ago:  Something being fixed and then "paperwork" holding up departure. We were two hours late... Missed my chance to catch my flight home. Am I lucky? (I haven't been home since May 25.) There are only two flights a day and the next one is six hours later.

I didn't bring enough yarn to occupy six hours (only one of the above was in my carry-on) but I'm doubly unlucky today because I've frogged my new project TWiCE. The first time because I didn't read the cast on number correctly. The second time during my second hour of flight on my fateful delayed flight today.
From the time I cast on 320 stitches (instead of 60) I thought it sure looked big. When I had a couple of inches knit/cabled I really couldn't imagine a one year old wearing 320 stitches. I spread it out and without a measuring tape I couldn't believe it. HUGE!  Next I removed the needles and the knitted top was easily wider than my tray table. Crap!  However there will be fewer stitches to knit--a lot fewer. I calculated that 200 stitches would be enough. But I'm hedging and cast on 220.

During my 7 hours of extra time I completed only this.  I get distracted...

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  1. I can't think of anything worse than sitting on an airplane or in an airport and not being able to knit. I think every airport should have it's own yarn shop. :-) Hope you've worked out all the bad travel juju and will have smooth travels from here on out!


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