Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flying with accessories

I worry about the knitting and accessories I carry when I pack for TSA.  Stephanie has a great way of putting it... see her blog.

On the other hand, I could never assume that my proximity to anyone on a plane would elicit a conversation longer than, "What are you making?"  Seldom will anyone venture a stab at naming the craft.  And when I answer, "Socks," the follow up question is, "Who are they for?" Clearly the eyebrow raising in response means I have hours of no conversation ahead, and I can continue with my complicated chart pattern.  Adults don't wear socks...(?)

My carry-on bag was re-scanned to get a better look under my yarn jar.  I love my yarn jar.
I was politely informed it would need a second scanning/screening and I realized that the second time it was on its side.  More yarn under it, I'm afraid....

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