Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Three and Counting

Between days two and three (on the yarn crawl), we inserted the Non-knitters' Cruise. 

 It was a wonderful 4 days of sailing on the Isaac H. Evans around the islands on the coast of Maine.  

There was sailing and doldrums,

 geocaching, lobster bake, 

and we even attacked some Outward Bound kids who were resigned to days on a much less outfitted boat.
What is a pulling boat? Pulling boats are 30 foot open boats. Groups live, cook and sleep on board. Travel is either under sail or using oars. Groups spend some nights on shore but the majority of the nights are spent aboard under a tarp pitched between the masts. 
Emphasis on "live, cook and sleep on board."  

We spotted a "group" in one such boat.  There wasn't much lively chatter coming from them until our Captain Brenda quickly went into attack mode.  The young boys were equipped with slingshots, bread, marshmallows and any gull friendly ammunition that could be wrested from the galley.  

Their aim was not to be feared, 

and the kids from the attacked Pulling Boat, were as sullen as can be. 

 Then Hershey Bars appeared which were flung at them and the others sprang into action and they were suddenly adept at maneuvering.  With the use of paddles they were fishing them out of the water and were VERY glad for the interruption.
As we were driving back to Portland, in mid-sentence I shouted "YARN" and P skidded to turn in to a back road where we discovered Romney Ridge Farm.  Romeo, the goat, greeted us at the end of the driveway, and we milled around the chickens and admired the wool left on the sheared sheep.  A true road-side stand with mostly worsted to bulky weight yarn in wonderful colorways.
This tiny cabin was lined with shelves of... wool.
My purchase:

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