Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bergen Yarn and Patterns

I've restrained myself from visiting too many yarn shops in Norway.  I went 10 days without stepping into a yarn shop, and then... just downstairs, just another entrance to this building, just inside the door, there was a display for yarn, some new brand (QuilteHuset) with luscious "Angel lace", "Angel Light", and "Angel sock".  I might go back this week, but... I came away with "angel lace", 100 grams/1200 meters.  Yum!!

I am trying to make myself believe there is a problem with carrying yarn from Norway to Spain to Maine to NM.  I'll know by Friday if I need to send a box...

Then on down the street I felt compelled to walk through the train station and visit the Dale of Norway shop... I could go back there too.  I don't know how many times in the past year I thought I needed "Lerke" for a project.  Got some ideas:  Beads.  Haven't done beads... yet.  These were beautiful, unexpected Norwegian designs. (with beads)  [Click to enlarge.]

I couldn't stop "snapping" and wishing for cold weather!

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