Saturday, January 10, 2015

Despite Dogs

Yes, I really finished the Dress.  The dress that the dog loved almost to death.

This one (the second one, a size bigger) was a treat.  I knew she would love it, because garment #1 has been worn and washed to oblivion, and I knew how to handle the neck opening, which is very satisfying.  The only thing I didn't conquer is the bottom (cast on) edge.  It rolls.  I didn't block... but isn't she cute?  She's 5-1/2, and wearing a size 6.
See previous blog posts:
October 27 & 28

Worsted / 10 ply
100% Merino
218 yards / 100 grams

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Something Monumental

Or, it COULD be monumental, if I had more time...
A Blanket:  Yggdrasil (a free pattern)
See Ravelry:

Yes, it is monumental... I started 5 months ago, and worked on and off... It became Huge and not portable.  It was/is heavy (1000+ grams), yet I have another 1000 grams of cotton yarn which can be used to complete two more borders.  But enough is enough, and 140 cm square will make its way back to Norway for the rest of the winter.

I give you an extra large photo,'s extra large!  I'm going to miss it, but I know we will meet again.
Love those borders.  Too bad they get bigger... The next one requires picking up stitches and knitting stockinette, followed by the cable border again.  A project for late 2015, perhaps?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Little Socks

Last October, I thought I was finished with my "sweet tomato heel" socks.  Then my "sweet tomato" granddaughter arrived, and they were too small.  I had to adjust, after she wore them for a week, by undoing the toes and made the foot longer.  I'm not totally convinced that the heel is an improvement on fit.  They are, possibly, more forgiving because the exact turn of the heel is a bit undefined.
But, how can you go wrong with warm PINK socks?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yes, I Finished!

My socks:
Diversion Socks, finished November 2, 2014, and worn and worn, and washed and worn... My FAVORITE socks for this year... All of the right colors, warm, Ahhhh, perfect.  This was my first pair with a rounded toe (instead of the wedge).  It took me quite awhile to complete since I was knitting other things, and carried these to work.  There wasn't much "down time" to knit, so often I would get pulled away, and return to my knitting without a clue where I was in the pattern.  There was a lot of "tink-ing".
But I love them!  It has a lot to do with the pattern AND the yarn:
Honk if you like:
 Regia Hand-Dye Effect
Light Fingering / 3 ply
70% Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Acrylic
459 yards / 100 grams

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Perfect Gift

One day, last September, I was bored with whatever I was doing, and I picked up needles, yarn, beads and the trusty Butin Collar pattern.  I've made this before, and a month before, a friend presented me with a lovely "collar"... yet, I had new beads to play with!  I think the beads I chose are a little too large, but, nonetheless, beautiful and very similar in color to some yarn.
Months later, the right person, needing a gift, was presented with this, and surprisingly, it perfectly matched her and her outfit that day!  She immediately put it on, and, gosh, it was as if she had read Yarn Harlot's blog about how to react when given a hand-knit item!!  Made me feel good, and I'm so glad she liked it!
by Anzula
Lace / 2 ply
60% Plant fiber, 40% Silk
700 yards / 115 grams

The yarn is from a sample of a few grams.  I was given a subscription to receive two samples every month.  They are all beautiful, and this is the first time I thought to use one of them!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Little Late, but Hopefully Not Forgotten

As I wonder where the past few months have gone, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!  And lots of wool, and time to knit in 2015.

As I look for some photos to document that I, indeed, haven't been idle in these past months, I found Yarn Harlot's repeat of how to accept a knitted gift.

Gifts for Knitters, day 24.It’s too late.  If you haven’t got anything by now, the only thing you can do from here is try to please your knitter another way. I give you a rerun.  I wrote this a few years ago, but it’s still darn true.
The Proper Way to Receive a Knitted Gift.1. Open the gift, and immediately say something positive.  (Suggestions are things like “Oh wow!” or “Oh my goodness!)
2. Hold up the item and smile broadly.
3. If you do not know what the item is, DO NOT SAY SO.
We understand that knitting can produce some unusual items, and that the nature of handmade objects can further complicate things.  If, after admiring the item for some time you are still not sure what it is, say something like “This is beautiful. Oh my gosh.  Can you show me how I should wear it? I want to do it justice.”
4.  After admiring and identifying the item, RUB IT ON YOUR FACE, or at the very least, cuddle it against your neck while saying something positive, like “Mmmmmm”.  Knitters love this.  It’s because we’ve been worried that you wouldn’t like it, and knitting is a tactile thing.   Lots of non-knitters find some textiles scratchy or uncomfortable, and we’re worried that will be you.  Making immediate physical contact with the item reassures us.
5. Pronounce the item  the best gift you have ever gotten.  Kiss or hug the knitter, and show the item off to at least one other person over the course of the day.
6. Place item in a place of honour, and continue to admire it at intervals, remarking (see gift re: Respect above) that you can’t believe that a knitter thought you were worth that much time.
-Comment that it doesn’t fit.  This is not something you discuss today.  Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. Or in a week.  Not today.  Your knitter has been busting a move for weeks or months for you.  They probably finished a hat at 2am and are a little fragile.  Save it.
-Similarly, do not say it is scratchy, or uncomfortable or not what you wanted.  Despite what some other non-knitters may have you think, knitting is a super expensive gift - and if someone gave you a Ferrari, you wouldn’t pout and tell them you wanted it in blue.
Now go forth and love your knitter.  They’re amazing.
She's amazing and definitely deserves FULL credit ( for her amazing insight into the knitter's brain.  
Yes, Day 24 is too late, and I gave up on Day 22 and presented my daughter with the prospect that "someday" she would be given a new/in progress pullover, of the type she might wear next week on a cruise...

Where are those photos?  


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