Friday, July 28, 2017

Another crossing

My trusty orange... How can you get lost so often?  

The scene in Bergen.  A drawbridge/footbridge, on a beautiful day.  Bergen's May weather was outstanding, and abnormally dry and warm.  Not at all like the rest of the summer... 
A slew of socks... I'm hooked on Zauberball/helical spirals.  Using up all the yarn and nothing matches...4 adult socks, 2 child's.
Adventures on an island.

And more adventures... The promising start...
And the grand finish!
Restructuring the bunad.

And summer weather with flowers, and colorful project bags.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Alpaca farm visit

Knit Camp visits Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm

The stand-off.
Newly shorn.

Mary Ann shows us the product.  

Hard to resist...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Another Knit Camp in WNY

Back at the original Knit Camp, in WNY, we shared goodies in goody bags, knitted a composite blanket for Resistance Knitters, dyed more yarn, and became even better friends.
The master dyer from Propanicus Moon.

Jo and her geese,

the rebel...
And a repurposed classroom as studio.

My newest attempt... 
what it turned into!
I'll learn to love it!  

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kilt pillow

Meanwhile, my friend, a Scot-o-phile, retired, and I found time to finish my kilt pillow, which was started in September (2016) in Scotland.  It's a beauty!  

Don't ask... I don't know what the tartan name is, but you may ask, "What is a kilt pillow?"
Answer:  All the techniques one needs to make a kilt, without making a kilt.  The fringe, and pleats, the buckles, wrapped around a pillow.  Interesting concept of Marion, the kilt maker.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Painting yarn

Yes, it's over and what a week it was...
The weather was perfect, our tents are packed away, we suffered a few insect bites, and we have unfinished projects and beautiful yarn to take away!

One day devoted to coloring our own yarn.

Everyone got creative, and all were surprised (good and better) with their results.

Even the sampler/test yarn (on the right) turned out great.

Unwrapping the steamed yarn.  Hovering in the shade while it lasted.

CeeVee rejected her first attempt, and somehow managed to eliminate the red! Clever!

Looking pretty "neat"!  No surfaces were permanently harmed.

The sampler:  Could be trouble!

But which one is the sampler now?

An experiment in grouping,
the Denver special,
the unintended results of everyone dabbing on our tester,
the red purple project,
muted sage and blues,
I'm seeing a trend,
the winner of "who came the farthest to see 'Shrek'",
and lovely pastels.

The dyeing gang!

The finished Knit Camp in the Rockies project.


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