Saturday, December 3, 2016

To the mill

The only mill in the Shetlands.  Jamieson & Sons.  
Weaving for Italian upholstery,
Big stuff
Giant dyed cake of wool
The raw stuff
The mixer
The product 
Assembling sweaters 
Machine knitted pieces to be pieced 
The knitting machine
The shop 
The irresistible finished product... lovely to touch! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bears and buttons

The Burra Bear workshop.  Another bright and windy drive to the west.  She uses remnants and recycled knitwear to make the cutest bears!  Please, click on photos so you can see details.  Especially below, center top shelf is the little display of bears.  She was almost sold out...much is gone to retail, and minutes later a tour group arrived and snatched up the last ones.
Burra bear view:
Yes, someone is hanging out wool to dry.
We made silver buttons that day.  
And this is Lerwick.
The Methodist church where I tried out more buttton making...
Enamel buttons and shawl pin, which I will model someday.
FUN!   Welcome to Shetland Wool Week, 2016.


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