Thursday, February 11, 2016

Socks and more

On needles now, but fast approaching the finish.  It's a hat!  Easy-Peasy!

A repair job on my favorite sweater.  I wear this ALL the time, especially since we've had a cold snap with freezing temperatures for weeks.  It needed a wash, and I was appalled to see how long the sleeves were when I stretched it out to dry.  So, snip-snip, I removed 5" of cuff and bound off.  Wearing it now...

And remember my carry-around socks?  Finished at last...Started October 8, with left-over yarn from two other sock projects.  They are truly fraternal twins, but I love the frugality.  Finished January 26.

And immediately (January 27) started these socks called Angee by Cookie A.  The pattern is super;  interesting but memorable.  The yarn is to die for!!  It's Caper Sock yarn by String Theory!  I'm zipping through it because I just want it in my hands.  The cashmere/merino combination is scrumptious!  SCRUMPTIOUS, I say!! 
This first sock was done in 5 days.  Number two is almost to the heel...slowed in progress only because I have startitis and now have several other things to hold my attention, along with numerous piano/organ gigs coming up.

Mid-January, I saw a friend with an interesting looking hat, and she pointed out that it was a "pony-tail" hat!  What?  Two days later...  You can't see the back, but it's open with a button closure to allow for the ponytail!  Brilliant!  Two days later, my granddaughter's ponytail was cut off... but I made a bigger one for mommy.  No buttons, yet.  (Low priority.)

January, and so far, February, are just perfectly cold for knitting!

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