Saturday, October 17, 2015

Conquering Cedar Hill Arch

In August, John and I got to this point, but needed to scale a second bench.  I wasn't brave/foolish enough to attempt it, so we turned around.
Then John called a climbing friend to accompany us.  He came with ropes and rappelling gear.
Looking down at where we started.
This is the part that scared me off the first time.
It wasn't as bad as I thought, of course, it never is when it's behind you!  Speaking of behind, I gave John's friend permission to touch my butt!  He asked politely if I needed help, and I told him he could give me a push.  Thanks! That's what I needed to make the last few handholds.
Smiling, because we were confident we could make it from here!
 The Arch is peeking through, and we discovered something from the past.  A horse trough?
At last.
The top:
And another reason we brought John's friend: He found the geocache!

Perfect day.  Noticed a mini-arch forming on our way back.
Preparing for the descent.
I took the steps and handholds with a safety rope tied around me.
John decided that rappelling was the fastest/easiest for him.
Yay for climbing!  My thighs complained for the next two days.

I love the Southwest, especially in the Fall. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My friend, John!

A few weeks ago, my friend, John, turned 98.  I met him several years ago when he was just starting his 90's, when he took my class on Geocaching.  He was smitten!  And now we go out several times a month.  The more caches the better.  
But on his birthday, as he has for the past 8 years, he goes to the climbing wall at SJC.  Here's his performance.

Next:  You won't be surprised at where we went last week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Going to work

Just an amusing aside, for all of my friends who ask, "What does Mick do?"

He now has a part-time job! Although he goes to gigs all the time, for all his years, it's somehow different seeing him pull out of the garage going to a "job".  What is it?  KSJE Roving with the Arts program.  Part-time, so his shows will air twice a week.



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