Saturday, September 12, 2015

Concert in the country

I heard about some concerts at Fana Church.  All during July, and it wasn't until the very last one that I planned my transportation out there.  It involved a ride on the light-rail and a bus, and it didn't disappoint!

Inside was spectacular! I was expecting a choral concert, but it was a tenor soloist and organist/pianist.  If I could locate the program, I'd publish it here, but, alas, I put it "away" somewhere, only to be found again when I die and my daughter cleans out the house... How many things she'll dispose of. It's all good!
Memorable pieces are "Panis Angelicus" and a folk hymn from the Hebrides, which we all tried to sing from the hymnal. I emphasize "tried".  The first verse goes well for most of us, but when the text becomes separated from the notes, we all had a bit of a challenge, including the accompanist/leader.  It was fun.
And after the concert, I introduced myself and was allowed to go up to the balcony and give it a little spin.  The settings were forte and I couldn't locate a softer set, so I blared a bit, and took pics.

Fana Church is pretty famous.  The roof is partially wooden like stave churches and stone like medieval churches.  Here's the link to Wikipedia, complete with a cool "legend of the Silver Cross."

Afterwards I spent an hour fooling around in the graveyard looking for a geocache.  Never located it. Then it took an extra hour to get home because the bus route was especially confusing.  All the buses going by were out of service, and I knew they were all going to exactly where I wanted to go.  After waiting 40 minutes, I was texting my daughter, hoping she could find a way for me to get away from this place... eventually two school boys showed up and asked me when the bus was coming.  I explained that it might be another 1/2 hour, and they started holding out their hands to the passing buses and one stopped!  It was raining by then, and indeed, the bus took us to the light-rail station, as I thought.  I was grouchy, to say the least, and later found that if I had waited at the place I got off (in the opposite direction) I would have gotten there faster.  Curious.
As in many adventures, I remember the concert and church more than the long wait in the rain. Yay for selective memory!

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