Friday, January 2, 2015

The Perfect Gift

One day, last September, I was bored with whatever I was doing, and I picked up needles, yarn, beads and the trusty Butin Collar pattern.  I've made this before, and a month before, a friend presented me with a lovely "collar"... yet, I had new beads to play with!  I think the beads I chose are a little too large, but, nonetheless, beautiful and very similar in color to some yarn.
Months later, the right person, needing a gift, was presented with this, and surprisingly, it perfectly matched her and her outfit that day!  She immediately put it on, and, gosh, it was as if she had read Yarn Harlot's blog about how to react when given a hand-knit item!!  Made me feel good, and I'm so glad she liked it!
by Anzula
Lace / 2 ply
60% Plant fiber, 40% Silk
700 yards / 115 grams

The yarn is from a sample of a few grams.  I was given a subscription to receive two samples every month.  They are all beautiful, and this is the first time I thought to use one of them!

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