Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weaving done

It's a long process, but SOMEONE has to do it!!  
Here's the first weft going in, and it was only after the second or third towel that I realized that the hem, done in a thinner thread (linen) became wider than the waffle weave.  Not sure why, but my guess is that waffle weave just puckers more!  

Then there is the end of the warp... such pretty colors... and I finally used the main warp color (teal) to make a little mat in almost plain weave.  I fooled around with the weaving, and created all sorts of tweeds.
And the final three.  Thirsty towels!
I wish I had stopped to order more of the teal, and make one in that.  But, alas, another time.
Or not!  I'm hoping I'll come up with something I can make with my knitting yarn stash.

Can't imagine using them.  Can't imagine gifting them.  But time will tell!

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