Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yarn on the Plane

Second sock syndrome... Knitting without thinking!  I turned the heel and began knitting the insole when after a dozen or so rows I realized I was using the WRONG CHART!  THIS is what makes an 8 hour flight zip by.  I unraveled only the insole and left the heel decreases.  It worked (this time).

Catching up with the summer.  Where did the last month go?
Here are the same socks--finished!!
Sorry, kind of a crappy picture, of yummy brown tweed.  Lots of bits of black and beige, somehow looking not so black and beige.  The pattern is Cookie a's Twisted Flower, and these are my FIRST socks using Stroll Sock yarn.  "I love it!!!"  First of many, I hope.  Thanks, Marguerite for the tip off.

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