Friday, August 22, 2014

Packing for Camp

Disclaimer:  This report is from early August.

Returning from Norway with a suitcase full of yarn, however, my next adventure before going home is in the woods of Maine, with 4 other knitters.  We are making our own retreat by spending 6 days in a cabin, with outings to area yarn shops and lobster shacks.
Pre-camp we drove through Massachusetts, and (lucky us) we found WEBS just off the route.  The "mecca" of all yarn shopping sucked us in.  Eyes glaze over, and ... WEBS, I can resist your temptations online, but put me in the shop, and the tactile takes over.  
Thinking I had succumbed to the devil in the form of wool, I had no idea that the following day Freeport, the mecca of outlet stores had THREE wonderful tempting yarn shops.  No seconds... And below you see the damage done.  (Click on the photo for a close up.)

We went to LL Bean where I found it easy to resist purchasing ANYTHING!  
Above you see purchases starting next to the WEBS bag:  Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk+, Rowan Natural Silk Aran (pink) with the pattern book below it, and Madeline Tosh merino light (red).  Only the Rowan has a pattern idea with it.  The others were pure sensory purchases.  Then there's the BABag on the left which was an essential purchase to get everything home (think carry-on), and the wonderful little project/goodie bag that K made for each of us.
Most of this didn't make it to camp but waited patiently in Portland for my return.  We were "traveling light"... which was a good thing since we were 5 knitters in one vehicle, and miles of shopping to go!!
Yarn shops in Freeport:  Grace Robinson and Company, Mother of Purl, and Casco Bay Fiber Company.

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a. wonderful time you are having. The doll cake was so special.
    Have a great time yarn shopping and 'retreating ' with your friends.


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