Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fifth Birthday!

Doll cakes are a tradition... My grandmother was a master cake maker, and baker. (She had weekly standing orders for dozens of rolls:  Not uncommon to see her kitchen filled with 20-40 dozen rolls rising. But I digress...)  As the only grandchild for 18 years, my early birthday cakes were often barbie knock-off dolls planted in richly decorated cakes.  Back then, she shaped the cakes, and bought real dolls.  That was the '50's, and even when my daughter had her early birthdays, grandma was the go-to source in the '80's.
My daughter couldn't wait to try her hand... and with the help of correctly shaped pan, and all sizes of top-only dolls, she created a beauty!
It was really impressive.  I wish I could have caught the look my granddaughter had on her face when she first saw it.  It's one thing to see it in progress:

 But pretty impressive when finished.

There were two parties, and at the first one, no one dared to ask for cake!  Funny... it was just a curiosity.  The second party was only 4 and 5 year olds, and there was much speculation as to what the rest of the doll looked like, and "is it really cake" was thoroughly discussed.
They couldn't wait to cut into it, which was a good thing.  I'd hate to throw it all away!
The chocolate cupcakes were a huge hit and disappeared without discussion.
It was all "princesses and pink"!
 And the boys loved it!
 And the girls got to kiss the frog.  Lipstick is always a winner!

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