Friday, June 27, 2014

No Yarn Was Harmed...

Sewing time again!
A few months ago, in my stash-busting phase, I selected projects to bring with me for summer.  Although it took me over a month since unpacking, I have been whittling away at my list.
First and most important was the dress for my granddaughter and a matching dolly dress.  I keep thinking I'll get a photo op of the two of them, but it won't happen until possibly this weekend, and ... I just can't wait.  She didn't receive the dolly (and dress) until her birthday, so she got some use of the dress for a few weeks, and she was happy to pose one morning!  She's getting tall... I had sewn this at home and waited to hem;   much to my surprise, I used the whole length. We call this her "New Mexico Dress."  Wild red and turquoise cactus print.
Much to my surprise, the Easter Egg wreath was still on the door, and it didn't go down without a fight--very popular, but last week this appeared instead.  I've had several wire wreath forms in my closet for a shameful number of years.  Confession:  I thought it would be a perfect project for my girl scout troop...uh, in the 90's.  A few leaves were cut out and assembled, so it was, like, "almost" done...Ha!  I used needle and thread for gathering, and a glue gun.  It's only a little more than 12" wide.  Kind of cute, and summery. (Do I have to make one for each season?  I'll keep that in mind.)

And most recently, placemats.  The dreaded failure of the first attempt (which still plans to be a doll skirt) set me back, but I'm still determined to stash-bust.  And certainly, if I carry this stuff to Norway, it isn't going back!  You can see that the funny (non-rectangular) pieces are from the snafu, and I sewed them together to make...strips.  As with any stash-busting project (of mine), I run out of colours, so each one is "unique".  The next four will be...very different.  Maybe there won't be another four...?

 This is the simplest of all patterns where you pile the batting on the backing and start stitching top pieces.  Trim them up and add a binding.  Even the binding I had from another project!  I'm happy!  (Will there ever be an empty bin from stash-busting?  A life-time goal, my friends!)
Sure, the sun is shining, and I could be outside knitting...  Happy Summer!

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