Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Photography frustration

I'm ALWAYS amazed and a bit frustrated (however, frustration is probably a strongly inaccurate description--I've been watching "Cosmos" so let's get real here...) when I try to share photos of my knitting.  The colors are never true, and here's an excellent example:  The color of the yarn is dusty/old rose, a delicate pale pink.  My first shot was on the counter with a fluorescent light overhead, and morning sunshine.  The second is sunlight through the window. And the third is at the window but from a 90ยบ angle to number two.  None of them do it justice...

So I tried other backgrounds, with the same strange results. 
The next two are on a pale lavender blocking pad.  
Sunlight light through the window:
Fluorescent light: (The background changes, too.)

 Then on an off-white linen towel, fluorescent light:
 At the window:

Don't believe anything you see!

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