Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ah!! Another HAPPY Birthday.

Another year of knitting ahead... Time to count up:  (Thank you, Ravelry, for keeping tabs on me.)
8 pairs of socks; two on needles now.
18 other projects:  2 little girl pullovers, 1 sweater for me, 1 pullover for Halvard, 1 poncho, 1 vest, 1 shawl, hats, mittens, a necklace....
And how many Ken-Ken's did I complete?  Many hours there, too!
Recently I finished these in (hopefully) a 5 year old size.  They were such fun.  Nice and thick for little feet in water-proof boots.  And they match (kind of) Mommy's socks.  I don't do many socks two-at-a-time because they aren't as portable as one, but this time, without a pattern, I knew they wouldn't be the same if I didn't do them at the same time.
Notice the heel:  I followed Charlene Schurch's toe up pattern which confusingly referred to making the heel upside-down.  It worked, and probably only would bother a knitter.  Anyone else ever try that?

The heel flap is on the bottom of the foot.

In other news, I "fixed" my Dahlia sweater to suit me... Although I was ecstatic that it came off my needles in a shape that I could wear, I grew to regret the ends being too short.  See my Ravelry pictures to describe how it is a rectangle with arms in the middle.  The short ends of the rectangle are bound off;  it is knitted from the center out to the short ends.  Those ends needed a few more inches, and after years of wishing and pulling on them, I unraveled the seed stitch, and voil√†!
Hangs nicely.  Hopefully I won't add 4 more inches in a few years... but I'll let you know!

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  1. Interesting heel. You knit the flap for under the heel then you increase??? when connecting to the instep???


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