Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Repair...

I don't like repairs.  And I especially don't like repairing things I DIDN'T knit.  My son-in-law innocently asked and I looked at the hoodie I was working on, and I replied, "I'll see..."  But his story softened my resolve, and within a few hours it was fixed.  Lucky me, I didn't take a "before" picture.
The hat, his favorite, and I know it's a favorite because I've been warned off trying to make one for him because he's very "particular" about his hats...the hat was purchased on a trip to Peru, and it's yummy, double, alpaca, and probably pricey (because I was in the same shop when he bought it).  It had developed a hole from who-knows-what. And of course, since it's reversible, and he would never consider wearing the light side out, he continued to wear it.  That hole was going to get worse, and I took pity on it.
My remedy:

  1. stitch around the hole and contain the stitches that are left intact.
  2. using similar yarn (leftover from something) I picked up a row of stitches
  3. and knitting with tiny needles, I made a swatch of ribbing.
  4. I sewed the swatch down on the sides and top.  
  5. If I had been really serious, I would have ripped it back and knitted with larger needles, but I didn't...
All better:

Was I lucky it wasn't in the cables?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Socks... Stripes!

Looking back at a previous blog post, I wrote:  "Next: Stripey Socks".
And here they are.
Of course, I don't NEED more sock yarn, but this tangled me up and threw me to the ground, so I bought it...
In the little city of Steinkjer, Norway, I found myself in some of the same yarn shops I visited 5 years ago!  That's about as often as you'll see me in Steinkjer.  It has excellent train connections to the rest of the world, so let me know if you'd like directions!
Remember, it's cold outside, and I just liked the looks and feel of this yarn.
 Knitted with a 3.0 mm needle, which is larger than my usual socks, I made good progress and unexpectedly finished the first pair before leaving. (Truth:  I sewed in the last bind-off 5 minutes before going out the door to catch the bus to the airport.  No worries!)
I knitted these toe-up, with a gusset heel by Wendy.  My new favorite pattern for socks.  And I've cast on (twice) for matching little girl socks.  They are the perfect weight for Norwegian wear.  Not so much for New Mexico...


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