Monday, January 27, 2014

Finishing the hoodie

And there's a winner!  Here's the winning entry:
Hi fellow knitter and blogger,
it's a fun guessing game you invented! After taking a good look at your project page and thinking about what would I do... I'm still not sure but I will try my best. So, I suppose you first finished the front, then embroidered the flower on the right shoulder area, next you finished the back (possibly kitchenered it to the front), then made the hood and reknit the sleeves to be wider. My guess may be far from the truth, but one thing I know for sure; you did an excellent job with this hoodie, it's very pretty.
Enjoy the last few days of your visit and have a safe trip home!

 Mimi (Serbia)
And the finished hoodie:
Done with two days to spare!  Like Brenda, a rare occurrence.
As Mimi observed, I needed to finish the back, make a front, knit the hood, knit a border around the front opening, sew in the sleeves, and embroider the final heart/flower.   Why did I have 2 days to spare?  Probably because I did NOT reknit the sleeves.  It is a miracle!  They fit!!
Yarn goes in the post today… Congratulations Mimi, and thanks to all the others who read my blog.


  1. Cute hoodie meets cute grand daughter. Together they look so-o-o-o cute.


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