Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cranking them out...

A sudden panic:  Nothing for Rowena... And I have to have something for Sunday.  That's the last day I will see her this year.  And in previous years she's received fingerless mitts, a hat, and a "spa" cloth.  We've been having a cold snap here, so:
Mittens!  Super bulky mittens.  One day, done!!  Dang, and I lusted after them, but they are wrapped and put where she'll see them.  I have enough for another pair, but I'll wait for my gloves to be finished.
Super Mittens pattern from Weekend Knitting.
Used Peruvia Quick by Berroco!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Chilly out there!

Strange!  Sub-freezing temperatures, and I feel the need to knit--- yet another scarf!  For me, for my beautiful embroidered leather coat, with the less than adequate opening... It truly needs a scarf, then I discovered that I have just the right colors in this BIG yarn by Garnstudio (Drops). Now I know why Canadians get so much knitting done in the winter.  It feels right and good when the temperatures drop. 

I hope it's finished before we get milder temps. 
(Psst:  there's more of the green hidden under the browns. )
"Knitting is Cheaper than Therapy!"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Scarf: Pros and Cons

Pro:  Repetitive, easy to knit while talking/watching TV/in a meeting...
Con:  Repetitive, BORING, especially when you realize that it needs to get done by a deadline, and you're less than halfway through.

Pro:  Cuddly, you can wear it while you're knitting!
Con:  Will it ever be long enough?

Pro:  Cute!  I love the pattern!
Con:  I get tired of the same ol' pattern...

It's this interesting?  It is knit on the diagonal, yet when you lay it out (for blocking) it makes a nice honeycomb/waffle square pattern.  ahem....and easy to spot a mistake in the middle, while blocking...

Pattern:  19th-Century Honeycomb Stitch Scarf by Diana Foster, from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders
Yarn:  Footprints by Blue Ridge Yarns, Fingering/4 ply, 100% merino, 400 yds.
 (I bought this thinking it was going to be socks, then I realized with no nylon, it wouldn't be MY socks!  It comes in two parts:  One is what you see above, and the other is 30g of a dark green, almost solid, meant to be toes and heels.  I, unquestionably, thought it would be something strong like nylon.  Not.)


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