Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Blood, Sweat and Tears!  It has been HOT... Too hot for prolonged outdoor hiking, so I put on my boots (I can walk faster) and set out after those caches.  
I'm continuing the challenge.  Now my goal is to ... cache as many days as I can in August.  There are plenty to find, but my colleagues are VERY devious clever.  
After my disaster day when I didn't find 8 caches, I did my homework and successfully looked for and found one a day.  The first one was up:
It wasn't too difficult except that what I interpreted as "halfway up and under" meant halfway up the hill.  I looked at the brush between me and "up" and decided to try from the top.  My bad...when it became a cliff and I was more than halfway down I realized that I needed to return to the bottom and start again.  I was the Second to Find this one!  That's ....something...
The next one was definitely down: In a little canyon about a mile from home.  The kind of scary "out west" terrain where scary things happen.  I thought I heard someone pull up at the top of the canyon, spooked me(!) and I quickly threw some rocks on the cache and started back.  I had to return though because I looked down and there was the pen from the cache in my hand... and when I returned I realized what a horrible job I did of hiding it again. tsk tsk   There was no one there.  I must have heard something from the road.  Great cardio, no?
Those lumps on my face?.. sweat, though it looks like I have some sort of nasty disease...

 I've missed two days.

"Knitting is Cheaper than Therapy!"

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