Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caching in on August!

Geocaching... Why is it fun?  Because it's a challenge, and I feel a little more "smart" when I'm successful.
A few years ago, someone at Geocaching Central (for lack of a better description of the powers behind geocaching.com) thought they should make awards possibly creating incentive to cache different things.  They are called Souvenirs, and they appear on your page as digital badges with images showing what you've accomplished.  So far they are connected to where you cache (one for each state, province, country) and most world-wide events (Anniversary of geocaching, etc.)  Here are a few I've collected:

I guess it works (the incentive part) because I'm currently caught up in their new campaign which challenges cachers to do a streak of finding in August.  The goal is to find a cache every day of August. And I took the bait. (You get a souvenir each day, too!) Unfortunately August snuck up on me, and I didn't realize it was August until the 2nd, so there goes "every day".  Instead I've been finding at least one each day since the 2nd.  The souvenirs are a bit lame, but I realize now that it's the streak I'm going for and not the souvenirs, although it would be nice to see them all lined up.

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