Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time machine!

I could use a time machine about now.

  1. Where did the past five months go?
  2. A crazy list of things to do in the next two weeks before I leave Norway. Things requested AND things I want to do and make. (My best planning is at 10 pm when I can't get out of the chair...)
  3. Air travel: PLEASE beam me over 8 time zones!
  4. Five knitting projects on the shelf!
  5. Summer weather in Bergen. It could and does change!  Just yesterday, Linda shed her jacket for the first time, and when we left the restaurant after lunch she needed it, and more (like an umbrella) just for a moment. 
  6. Lots of ideas for blog posts...  Here they come!
  7. And let's slow down this afternoon with my granddaughter. Make it last (without the drama, of course). 
Picture of Rauma Finull at self-proclaimed largest yarn shop in Norway. Husfliden in basement floor of Glasmagasinet in Oslo.  

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