Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Visit

I have friends!  At least, I would like to believe I have friends.  And many of those friends are friends who I don't see for years and years.  It's one of those hazards that goes with "wanderlust".  I really don't mean to leave friends behind, although some have taken it as a personal offense that I pack up and move...  Others are happy where they are and understand our motivation to move away, try something new.  (Almost everyone I know remembers I knit... that moves with me!)
In December I heard from my friend, who I first met in the early 70's, and didn't see for many years.  For real, we hadn't met up between 1986 and 2006!  But somehow, we share a past, and that makes us friends.  (My daughter rolls her eyes when I insist I have friends who I haven't seen in 20 or more years. I can't help that I live in the remote Southwest, and others live in England, France, Norway, New Zealand... It isn't so convenient, but fun to catch up!)
So, Dibble wrote her usual holiday greeting and mentioned that she was going to California to visit her sister, and I jumped on it!  Soon we had tickets and arrangements, and that's what I was doing this past week.
We went to the Chuska mountains:

To the hot springs in Durango:
 To Aztec Ruins:

And many places between.
Attention knitters!
We must make a trip to Kirtland...  100% wool in beautiful skeins, sold for weaving, at the Foutz Trading Post.  $18 per pound.  Lots of colors!!

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  1. Looks like great fun. We have moved a lot too and sometimes I feel as if all I do is leave friends behind. Thank godoness for the internet.


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