Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cozy Cable!

I'm teaching again!  And again...
I can't believe it... after "feeling" like I'm retired, I got hooked/called/snagged/whatever into teaching a brand new class (to me: unknown content) which meets for 8 weeks, 4 days a week, 3 credits.  However, you may point out, who said yes?  All I have to do is look in the mirror.
In addition to that class, I've been running a few sessions of "Knit Doctor" which was intended to teach tricks about fixing and avoiding mistakes. (Maybe that's something I should take to the personal level, but I digress.)  I had a great group of 6 women who were quite accomplished, and we shared many stories of knitting tragedies, while grumbling about picking up stitches.
In addition to fixing things, we explored cables one week.  Off the top of my head I created a little cable project that went like this:  (Green= cable to right/front, Purple= cable to left/back)
Cable practice:  Cast on 18 sts.
Row 1:  k2, p2, k4, p2, k4, p2, k2
Row 2 (and ALL even numbered rows):  k4, p4, k2, p4, k4
Rows 3 & 4:  (as Rows 1 & 2)
Row 5:  k2, p2, sl2, k2, grab (use left hand) last 4 stitches from right needle, remove right needle, with right needle pick up stitches 3 & 4 from your hand (skipping over 1 & 2), with left needle pick up stitches 1 & 2, k these 2, p2, yarn forward, sl2, yarn back, k2, yarn forward,  grab last 4 stitches from right needle, remove right needle, with right needle pick up stitches 3 & 4 from your hand (skipping over 1 & 2), with left needle pick up stitches 1 & 2, k these 2, p2, k2.
Row 6:  (as Row 2)
 No cable needle necessary.  And clear as day to me!  Maybe it needs the visual demonstration, too.
While searching for one that matched my style, I realized how many variations there are!   Here's one that is closest to what I do:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So many things! Tie up and stuffing!

You might think I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, but no.  This has to do with smart people!  Makes me feel almost... Smart! LOL
Two things that I stumbled upon this morning:
1) Scarves:  I have some lovely non-knit scarves lurking in my closet.... and often feel so dorky when I try to wear them.  Besides wearing all black and gray, here are some tips:  Tying Scarves  Very clever!
If you see me wearing a (non-knit) scarf... you'll know I'm working on the new me!
2) Mittens:  I bought a "thrumming" mitten pattern while in Canada, but this one goes further.  It's called Stuffed Mittens.  What a surprise!  Alas, NM is not the place for such except for that one night a year when we gather at the river with luminarias.  It's always the most frigid evening of the year...
Just sharing!  Better get that turkey thawing!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sojouner, Continuing

A week ago, after much wandering, touching, feeling, and storing MORE yarn that I "found" in my suitcase, I decided to return to a project that made my jaw drop... it dropped more than two years ago, and I cast on 1-1/2 years ago, but never mind!  I picked it up, and have been full speed ahead.
On my Ravelry page, I posted a picture I took at WEBS of the model that caused this stand-still/jaw-dropping/purchase moment, but now I've really gotten to the part that is exciting:  The cable work!  Design elements... I still like it.

What you see is the fancy waistband.  I looked back at my previous blogs about this here and here, and after a moment of self-induced panic, I thought... I better measure this again!
Again, the bottom edge is longer than I expected, but the waistband bit is 6" less, so I think I'm good!  Oh, bring on winter... 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Fall story

From Norway, here's a link to a blog that I enjoy because it keeps me in touch!
These stories usually include information that makes sense of some of the things I rave about!
Here's an account of the various berries available.  I/we always pack one or two jars of tyttebær and "Cloudberries" in our baggage on Norway trips.   Link: Berries
Because I might refer to it again, I posted it to my "Countries Visited" page which you can access at the tab above.
Let me know if your mouth doesn't start watering...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfection, I guess...

In February, my daughter presented me with a pattern and yarn, we shopped for beads, I bought extra yarn, just in case, and I cast on:  Mademoiselle.
I stalled, I put it away, I knit numerous other things, and then as September approached I realized that winter weather and sweaters are inseparable, and I got out the whip sleeves and started again in earnest.  The impending season AND a visit by my daughter looming was enough to get me focused, but little did I know that it would take me up to the final day that I could put it in her hands.
It was a good thing I had her body with me, because there's no better way to get a fit and a "look" than to see it modeled.

 I did the sleeves first.  It was earlier agreed upon that they would be 3/4 length.  Then the body turned out to be overly "hour glass" shaped.  C thought that was great;  she likes a close fit.  Then came the collar in contrasting color, pattern, and with beads.
 It traveled from New Mexico, to Canada, visiting Niagara Falls, drove to South Carolina where I was watched by dogs, and it grew, grudgingly it seemed!
 Finally it was "sew the sleeves in" time, and when modeled...  it definitely needed more at the neckline.  I picked up stitches and made a raglan decrease to keep it from falling off the shoulders. (The weight of the beaded collar would surely drag it down.)  This extra neckline I knitted and ripped four times until I finally had it right.  With a stockinette finish, the collar would still pull it outward... so

 In the end I finally had a reverse-stockinette, and not too tight, not too loose bind-off.  Whew!  (I imagined that it was going to be a Christmas present after all!)
Nice hems on the cuffs, and the same for the bottom edge of the body, but at the (almost) last modeling, it definitely needed a few more inches of overall length!
 I unraveled the hem and added 3 inches, a new hem, and voilá!  Finé!
Never blocked.  North Carolina humidity would mean that C would have to take it wet, and NC weather ... Well, there's NO excuse that I didn't snap a picture when it was finished and modeled... Shame on me.  Someday, I'll surprise you!

 By the way, the sweater can be worn backwards or forwards.  C prefers the split of the collar to the back.  It is the YUMMIEST of yarn.  I loved the feel in my hands.
 Lucky me!  I WAY over-estimated the amount and have plenty left for another project.  (Not exactly stash-busting, is it! LOL)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall on the Blog

Fall=Autumn, by the way...
I have noticed such beautiful pictures from all over the world.  Leaves are turning, and my own yard looked better than usual when I returned from a month away!
Morning Glories are blocking one whole window, but I'm not complaining!  And they stay out all day, not just mornings.  They are SO cheerful.
Who knows why I have purple in one window, and pink in the other?  Soil?  They've been there so long that I don't remember when I first threw seeds in there.  They miraculously reseed themselves every year*.
And then the real "Fall" flowers waited until I left.
 The tomatoes are eeking out their last existence.   Tomato weather during the days, they will survive awhile longer if I think of them at bedtime.
 And who can resist a photo-op?  Clyde and Bonnie have been very needy since I returned! They follow me everywhere.
Enjoy the day! Carpe diem!


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