Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Bear Country

Life in Western North Carolina:  the weather has been perfect, hiking in the Blue Ridge, our yard is a nicely  wooded site where we have activities called "Backyard Crafts", and wifi!
The second night our trash can was tipped over, and our trash was discovered up the mountain behind the house. Hal went for a little wander to see if he could get to the mountain top and wondered why someone would throw trash, suspiciously like our trash, in the woods... Then, putting together the clues, he realized it WAS our trash.
At the cottage we came to the conclusion that since no bears were mentioned in our briefing for the cottage rental, the culprits must be raccoons. Our trash has been moved into the cellar.

Today as I napped, midday, M&J stood on the bridge that takes our driveway to the road, and between them and the house a mama black bear with two cubs passed through the yard, and ran straight up the mountain behind the house!  C and Hal were watching on the porch, and I, in my bed, missed the sighting.  The first time any of us have experienced bears in the wild!  Pretty cool, even if I didn't see them myself!  Raccoons?  Maybe not.
A few hours later they returned and I was ready. This pic is one of the cubs in front and mama in back keeping an eye out. I was on the porch. Neighbors say they are looking for food, and have an uncanny sense that tomorrow is trash pick up day!
They are beautifully black, people shy, mama isn't very big, and the kids are half her size. By mama's appearance, she is still nursing those big guys.


  1. Very exciting! When
    N we were kids there was a wayward bear on the farm...I worried about the horses being afraid!

  2. Cute from a distance. I sure wouldnt' want to test their people shy manner.


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