Monday, September 3, 2012

Commuting again

I can't believe how busy I've been.  It's like I added a full time job to my normal day.  Well, maybe I have, but only for a week.
I mentioned before that the local museum is my volunteering gig, and last week a new exhibit opened which requires someone in that particular room at all times.  I normally would sign up, but when I saw the many openings they had, I doubled my effort, and packed up knitting-to-go.  I managed to clock 28 hours in 8 days.
(If you are local, you would be welcome to volunteer.  Otherwise, staff have to stop their jobs and go sit.)  It's a wonderful exhibit, and we are very lucky that someone knew someone to make it happen.
To see more about this exhibit, click HERE.
Progress made:
Mademoiselle Pullover
One sleeve, and bodice is finished:
 Starting the collar which is sewn on.  Beads!!
Pattern is in Norwegian: Du Store Alpakka
Colors look dull and grayish.  They are much nicer... should be in sunlight.

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