Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some things...

Some things, in the past 6 months, have been just too depressing, and therefore not blog worthy.  The past week has been full of "work", cleaning out a house, wondering what, if anything, is worth the work.
When I get back to reporting about my down time = knitting time, I find that knitting an adult sized sweater... well, it takes awhile.  I'm motivated to get it done or mostly done by early September, and realize that it's going to take me that long.  Have I made any progress? Let's see:  I started in February, but have finished 11 little and big projects in the meantime.  That's how I am!
It's a fun pattern, and if I can convince myself that it's moving along, I'm contented.  Knitting in the round, I'm farther along than I think!  There is a small hem which I turned under at bottom right (in the picture).  And one sleeve is finished.  This is my go-to project for the next month while I carry a sock around in my bag.
The pattern is in Norwegian: "Mademoiselle", and has a big beaded collar.  I love the feel of DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk (fingering).  So smooth to the touch! Much nicer than the keyboard...

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