Thursday, August 9, 2012


Went to the Fair.  Went to see how my goods were judged.  I'm not ashamed.  I looked at the goats and rabbits, too.
I did OK.
Seven items:
Sweater, First Place, Best of Show
 Same here with Kitty Pants
 Turkish Socks weren't so lucky, only First Place, and I saw NO other socks displayed... (They ARE odd.)
 Baby item: Dress, First Place and Best of Show
 Scarf, First Place
 Shawl, First Place, Best of Show
 Mini Bag (in category "Other"):  Second place
 And there were chickens,
 And goats.
I am disappointed that there were so few entries in the knitting categories.  Heavy on crocheted afghans...  Maybe I'll be alert enough next year to encourage all of us to submit something.


  1. I bet you'd get lots of prizes even if there were scads and scads of knitted items. Can't wait to see some of them in September.


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